Triage VMS

Triage is a module of Virtual Medical Simulation that allows the implementation of simulation scenarios in a non-hospital environment. It is possible to implement scenarios of simulations with a large number of victims in singleplayer sessions. Simulation participants have at their disposal a handy rescue bag with the necessary rescue equipment.

Scenario and virtual patient configuration

The configuration of the scenario and the virtual patient is performed by the instructor. Configuration consists of setting the type of patient, external appearance including clothing, possible injuries and vital parameters, then placing it in the simulation environment – the place of the event. At the stage of creating a virtual patient, the instructor sets the right parameters of the patient’s life and its response to particular activities of the simulation participants, including answering questions and executing commands. During the configuration of the scenario, the instructor selects the simulation environment and places the amount and type of victims selected by him.

Simulation summary - feedback

The summary of the simulation scenario is a feedback for the participants, which is generated automatically at the end of each simulation session. When creating a scenario, the instructor sets the appropriate parameters in the patient’s life line that are to be assessed and appear in the summary. The instructor at the stage of creating the life line decides which parameters are critical errors, sets the scoring rules, sets the patient’s parameters and the virtual patient’s response to the individual activities of the simulation participants.