Virtual Reality - VR

Virtual Reality within Virtual Medical Simulation is based on the Oculus Rift with the Touch controlers. The participant puts on his head a special goggles and using Touch controlers, which are his virtual hands, performs medicial activities for virtual patient.

Virtual Reality modules - VR

VR modules of Virtual Medical Simulation allows both scenarios – basic and advanced, in several simulations of in-hospital and non-hospital environments. The user performs all activities with his virtual hands in a real time and has the ability to communicate with virtual patient.

Multi-person simulation sessions - VR Multiplayer

The VR Multiplayer module enables the implementation of multiplayer simulations using Oculus Rift goggles + Touch controllers. The participants of the simulation sessions implement the same scenario in real time, thanks to which it is also possible to implement didactic assumptions related to, among others, communication and cooperation in the team.

Helicopter module - Heli VR

HELI VR is one of the modules of the Virtual Medical Simulation dedicated to the units responsible for cooperation with air rescue teams. Thanks to HELI VR it is possible to train all the gestures related to the safe landing of a rescue helicopter on the scene. The module contains various simulation scenarios including mountains and various accident locations.